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Surface treatment and finishing

The quality of a component is largely determined by its surface properties. Specific surface treatments influence the mechanical load-bearing capacity of a component and thus its suitability for use.

ZELL is a technological leader thanks to its outstanding engineering competence in the processing and treatment of metallic surfaces. For 30 years, ZELL has followed a successful path with its own precision blasting process and its own plant construction. ZELL is an industry partner for mass production, for the fastest turnaround times and for high-performance metallic surfaces, e.g. through compaction blasting/shot peening

Technologies for surface treatment and cleaning are an integral part of modern industrial production. ZELL blasting processes are used to clean, polish, deburr and harden component surfaces. ZELL blasting technology reduces part wear, extends service life and allows the use of lower steel grades (ratio effect) – the ZELL blasting process provides users with useful technological advantages and lowers the cost of the workpiece. In the area of surface treatment and finishing, we supply customers from the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and medical technology – in particular, customers with high demands on component quality.

Precision blasting

ZELL is both a service provider and a technical partner. Our customers demand maximum process reliability with extremely short turnaround times, sometimes of only a few hours. The focus is on small part blasting in large-scale production and precision treatment of defined component areas. ZELL does this with expertise and reliability. Providing unparalleled treatment for components on blasting machines designed and built by Zell opens up a wide range of possibilities beyond basic deburring:


  • Degreasing 
  • Derusting 
  • Descaling 
  • Fine textures 
  • Shining 
  • Smoothing 
  • Coarse textures 
  • Shot peening 
  • Cleaning 
  • Polishing 
  • Dead-space blasting (patented)

Shot peening

Ever tougher surfaces are required for gear and machine components to answer their growing requirements with regard to mechanical stress and fatigue strength. Decades of experience, the development of special blasting technology and in-house plant construction have made ZELL a leading expert in the field of shot peening.


The path to your solution


The treatment of your parts is our top priority. We have various surface treatment options at our disposal. We will analyse your components in detail in order to achieve optimum surface quality.


ZELL Surface Technology benefits from many years of experience and the development of its own systems. We guarantee high-volume production of parts in stable processes, with the shortest turnaround times and surface qualities that meet the highest demands. Contact us. We will be glad to advise you!

Contact us. We will be pleased to advise you!

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