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System Technology

Systems and clips for automated production

ZELL System Technology develops and supplies workpiece carrier systems and clips for fixing precise and sensitive workpieces. With these systems, manufacturing parts can be accurately and gently transported, cleaned and hardened. Using these workpiece carrier systems enables automated production processes, the use of robots, controlled cleaning processes and hardening without reloading. 

ZELL develops an individual tailor-made workpiece carrier system for each workpiece and each process. We use hundreds of carrier designs and a catalogue of over 600 clips and fixtures. We supply individual high-end products as well as cost-effective systems based on previously developed standard components. The high-quality ZELL systems, with their long service life, help users to significantly raise the quality of their production processes and simultaneously reduce production costs.

Cleaning systems

ZELL develops and supplies cleaning baskets for the highest requirements. ZELL has solutions for every workpiece and every production process and can develop cleaning baskets individually according to customer requirements. In this way, our customers achieve optimum rinsing of components and products with clean, residue-free surfaces.

Benefits for users:

Benefits for users:

  • Optimum and complete rinsing of components
  • Solutions for rack goods and bulk components
  • Resistant to all common washing media
  • Rotary cleaning without damage to components
  • Washing with and without basket possible 
  • Long service life due to high-quality materials and workmanship

ZELL-GRID transport system

The ZELL-GRID system is the first automated steel transport system suitable for the cleaning, transport and hardening of individually loaded parts. ZELL-GRID was specially developed for hardening processes and can withstand temperatures of up to 1,200 degrees Celsius without deformation. The ZELL-GRID system is a registered design.

Benefits for users:

  • Individual part loading for component protection 
  • Individual development according to customer requirements 
  • Hardening processes up to 1,200 degrees Celsius 
  • Deformation-free machining of components 
  • No reloading before and after the hardening furnace

Workpiece carrier system

ZELL develops and supplies workpiece carriers for the precise transport and automated handling of workpieces in production. Customers define the requirements for their manufacturing processes and material flows – ZELL designs the appropriate workpiece carrier systems to the highest manufacturing grade and quality. By cooperating closely with our customers and users, we can create individual and adaptable systems which enable increasingly automated production processes and the use of robots. Often, we can resort to solutions from our catalogue.

Benefits for users:


  • Can be automated thanks to high positioning accuracy 
  • Accuracy of fit due to minimum manufacturing tolerances 
  • Indexable by sensor technology or barcode identification 
  • Adaptable to existing systems 
  • Also suitable for product families

Holding and securing systems

The rise of automation and robotization is placing ever-increasing demands on holding and securing systems for cleaning and transporting workpieces. ZELL has developed hundreds of different clips, baskets and holding systems that successfully solve the specific requirements of customers from various industries. Every year, ZELL develops 50 to 100 new holding and securing systems for current production processes and the adequate handling of workpieces.


Benefits for users: 


  • Process-related, exchangeable, individual 
  • Precise and smooth feeding/removal of workpieces 
  • Efficient part handling
  • Individually adapted workpiece carriers and clips 
  • Exchangeable clips for article changes 
  • Basket solutions for bulk solids 
  • Resistant to emulsions and oils

The path to your solution


Your component and your production process determine everything. The design is carried out exclusively by us. Building on ten years of experience with designs and standardized components, we develop and deliver optimal economic solutions.


We only use high-quality stainless steels and plastics. This ensures the high dimensional accuracy and long service life of ZELL systems.


Systems and components developed by us can be reordered again and again. ZELL systems increase the quality of your production processes and reduce costs at the same time.

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